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May 27th can't come fast enough. [10 Mar 2011|01:14pm]
My most anticipated film of the year. The only director I don't feel weird about comparing to Kubrick. What makes it better is Douglas Trumbull, who worked closely with Kubrick on my favorite film, 2001, also worked with Malick on this. NASA was also heavily involved. Words cannot express my excitement.




$16 to see this on Bridgeport's IMAX screen? FUCKIN' A RIGHT.

Sorry, guys.

/nerdy freak-out
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:( [12 Feb 2011|02:29am]
This tore my fucking heart apart...


My favorite dog....Just awful...
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[19 Jan 2011|11:42pm]
"Look at that subtle off-white coloring, the tasteful thickness of it. Oh, my god. It even has a watermark."
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This gave me a b-to-the-oner. [24 Jul 2010|03:40pm]
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Official invite. [22 Jun 2010|04:06am]
"They"(the powers that be) STILL won't let me call it something besides "Frankie-Palooza"...So here we are again, the third annual celebration where come off as King Diva. Come join me, family and friends for a night of laughs, beer, shots, drunken fun, PBR-filled kiddie pools and fantastic music.

The doors are at 8pm, and music starts at 9pm. There is a $5 cover charge to cover expenses, and help pay the bands.

-Michael Dean Damron (of I Can Lick Any SOB In The House)
-Stephanie Smith (of Kleveland)
-The Leaders
-Prowlers (the return of Jett, from White Boy)
-Disgustitron (THEY'RE BACK!)

Special guest appearance by:
- Elvis
-And perhaps myself again...We'll see...

Also, nobody but band members will be allowed downstairs this year...You will need a wristband for access.

And finally, a special thanks to all the bands who have agreed to play, my dad for making the awesome flyer, Jonny for taking that awesome photo last year and everyone who makes it out to celebrate my dive into lower car insurance and being a quarter-of-a-century old.

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Hahaha, oh Andy. [28 May 2010|03:43pm]
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02/26/10 [26 Feb 2010|03:26pm]
New interests:

Making/composing music. (Trent Reznor style)

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For Chelsea McEwen, R.I.P. 1984-2010 [25 Feb 2010|04:41pm]
[ mood | crushed ]

I can't really write, so I'll just use Chelsea's favorite-man-in-the-world's lyrics. You are loved. You will be missed. Thank you for the good times, the inspiration and for being one of the best people I ever had the pleasure of being friends with. <3

Nine Inch Nails - "The Fragile"

She shines
in a world full of ugliness
She matters
when everything is meaningless

She doesn't see her beauty
She tries to get away
it's just that nothing seems worth saving
I can't watch her slip away

I won't let you fall apart
I won't let you fall apart
I won't let you fall apart
I won't let you fall apart

She reads the minds of all the people
as they pass her by
Hoping someone will see
If I could fix myself I'd...
but it's too late for me

I won't let you fall apart
I won't let you fall apart
I won't let you fall apart
I won't let you fall apart

We'll find the perfect place to go where we can run and hide
I'll build a wall and we can keep them on the other side
but they keep waiting
and picking
and picking
and picking...

It's something I have to do
I won't let you fall apart
I was there too
I won't let you fall apart
Before everything else
I won't let you fall apart
I was like you
I won't let you fall apart

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[31 Dec 2009|01:59am]
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Hell yeah. Some of the footage on this upcoming release was shot at the last Portland show! [28 Dec 2009|01:30pm]
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Fantastic article. [18 Nov 2009|09:19pm]

Just read it.
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OH YEAH [08 Nov 2009|04:55am]
New Arcade Fire album sometime next year...Words cannot describe my excitement...

Natassja [07 Nov 2009|07:18pm]


I'm pretty proud of this photoshoot. There are a few I really like.


Hahahaha [29 Sep 2009|02:07pm]
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New photos. [18 Sep 2009|02:52pm]
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Take a bow. [29 Aug 2009|01:11pm]

Great interview with Muse. I was listening to one of their new tracks thinking about how I get a Queen vibe from it. Then, this article mentions that. Weird.

[23 Aug 2009|01:23pm]
Inglourious Basterds was amazing. And I'm not just saying that as a Tarantino fan. I wanted to watch it again as soon as it ended. I'm gonna be seeing it multiple more times. GOD DAMN FUCK YEAH.

Oh, and http://www.apple.com/trailers/fox/avatar/ !!!!!!!!!!!
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Photography. [30 Jul 2009|06:49pm]

Check. It. Out.

And you should look at Mike's too: http://www.flickr.com/photos/tenovertwelve/
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"Refused Are Fucking Dead" [11 Jul 2009|08:21pm]
(The last official press release)

Just like the political theorists and philosophers (Baudrillard, Foucault, Derrida, Debord and so on) we also managed with a sort of self fulfilling prophecy. A manifestation of an idea to a concrete action. When Quilapayuns in 1972 realized the importance of widening their spectrum of action by dividing the band into five different sections to be able to spread their ideas on as many locations and to as many people as possible they had realized the principle of collective mass organization. A division into five new directions means in practice five new projects that can challenge and fight the boredom and death that sneaks into our everyday life. Five new ways to make the political manifesto that once was known under the collective spanner of "the Refused Party Program" concrete, five new forces that can devour and choke every tendency of the bourgeoisie shackle that keeps us down.

So why does Refused have to die to be able to rise from the ashes like the Phoenix? It is impossible to take part of a revolutionary program when every aspect of existence has to be projected as entertainment and music, a tradition that both in expression and creation has been dead for far too long. We were hoping that we could be the final nail in the coffin of the rotten cadaver that was popular music, but unfortunately the reification was too big for us to succeed with our feeble attempts to detour this boring discourse.When every expression, no matter how radical it is, can be transformed into a commodity and be bought or sold like cheap soda, how is it then possible that you are going to be able to take "art" seriously? When every political idea has to become safe and categorized just so that it can be defined by disgusting "journalists" who¥s only aim is the selling of issues and the cashing in of paychecks, how can we then show the seriousness of the situation? When the single purpose of every song written is to accumulate capital for the record companies that will only kill every attempt at spontaneity and creativity, how are we then expected to create? When every show played just becomes another brick in the wall between people, between "fans" and "stars", when we instead of getting communication and interaction are being forced to become nothing but consumers and producers. When people are being praised as geniuses and idols just because they play music or write books or something equally boring and "cultural", when the widespread belief that their creation is more important than that people take part in everyday life...What does that say about the rest of us and what does it say about the system that we have? When we continue to uphold the bourgeoisie myth of self realization by saying that anyone can make it, just as long as they work hard, or pick up a guitar, we uphold the dream of good vs. bad jobs (rockstar = good, factory worker = bad) thus we also uphold the class system and the justification of it. When the self appointed elite talks about culture, the culture that tricks us into believing that there is such a thing as culture, without any thought or consideration of the political or economical system. When we become just another subculture with all the right attributes instead of a real counter-culture, then it is time to die, to revalue the position that we are in.

Refused "broke up" on the 26th of September 1998 in Atlanta, Georgia, and in a last feeble attempt to break the linear timeline that the modern ways of production has forced upon us we played the last show in Harrisonburg, Virginia on the 6th of October 1998. The show was interrupted after 4 songs by the local police force who thought that they've had enough. We knew that they were onto us but it was both a chock and a relief that they did not catch us until the last show. Then, after 7 years of trying, we finally managed to create our own timespace within the capitalist power structure. The crowd managed to manifest a moment of passionate living when they continued to scream "rather be alive..." to the corrupt and useless preservers of private property.

So what now??? We will continue to, at every attempt, overthrow the class system, burn museums and to strangle the great lie that we call culture. We will continue with new projects and forces to do everything that is in our power to overthrow the capitalist structure that alienates us from every aspect of life and living, smash the reification that forces us to dress in outdated identities and rules: we will continue to demand revolution here and now, and not in some vague future that all reactionary leftist fundamentalists and reformists are talking about. We want every day and every action to be a manifestation of love, joy, confusion and revolt.This is the last that we have to say about it, WE WILL NOT GIVE INTERVIEWS TO STUPID REPORTERS who still haven¥t got anything of what we are all about, we will never play together again and we will never try to glorify or celebrate what was. All that we have to say has been said here or in our music/manifestos/lyrics and if that is not enough you are not likely to get it anyway. WE THEREFORE DEMAND THAT EVERY NEWSPAPER BURN ALL THEIR PHOTOS OF REFUSED so that we will no longer be tortured with memories of a time gone by and the myth-making that single-minded and incompetent journalism offers us. Instead we need to look forward. We got everything to win and nothing but our boredom to lose.


Refused’s final communiquè.
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07/11/09 [11 Jul 2009|07:14am]
Stuck by the deadly rhythm of the production line. We consume our lives like we are thankful, for what we are being forced into.

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