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Official invite.

"They"(the powers that be) STILL won't let me call it something besides "Frankie-Palooza"...So here we are again, the third annual celebration where come off as King Diva. Come join me, family and friends for a night of laughs, beer, shots, drunken fun, PBR-filled kiddie pools and fantastic music.

The doors are at 8pm, and music starts at 9pm. There is a $5 cover charge to cover expenses, and help pay the bands.

-Michael Dean Damron (of I Can Lick Any SOB In The House)
-Stephanie Smith (of Kleveland)
-The Leaders
-Prowlers (the return of Jett, from White Boy)
-Disgustitron (THEY'RE BACK!)

Special guest appearance by:
- Elvis
-And perhaps myself again...We'll see...

Also, nobody but band members will be allowed downstairs this year...You will need a wristband for access.

And finally, a special thanks to all the bands who have agreed to play, my dad for making the awesome flyer, Jonny for taking that awesome photo last year and everyone who makes it out to celebrate my dive into lower car insurance and being a quarter-of-a-century old.

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